Suspension Strip - Carrier Strip for Safco 6551 & 6552, Planhold 075AR, Diazit7050, Ulrich M164P, M508

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This MasterFile 2 self-adhesive, pre-punched Suspension carrier tape strip / M508 Bande de suspension is used in the following systems: Safco 6552 & 6552, Planhold 075AR, Diazit 7050, Suspension Tape for Ulrich MP24, MP30 and MP48 Cabinets, Safco film laminate carrier strip. Holes are 165mm apart and the suspension strip roll is 45mm x 50m Eliminate fingerprint smudges or dog-eared corners with self-adhesive carrier strips.
Each Carrier can be cut into 24", 30" and 36" strips
2-1/8" W Polyester Carrier Strips for MasterFile 2
Material(s): Polyester
Dimensions: 0.005"w x 2 1/4"d x 1968"L
Weight: 2.5 lbs

(No reviews yet) Write a Review