Mailflow Systems Sorter, Closed Back w/ 7" Elevation; 60 Sorting Pockets 15"D without Plexi Doors

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Mailflow Systems Sorter with 60 Sorting Pockets 15”D without Plexi Doors

The Elevated Closed-Back Sorters have shelves that adjust on 1/2"H increments. The sorting shelves have thumb cuts and labeling flanges on the front edge of each shelf. Preconfigured models are available. There is a 50 lb. weight capacity per shelf.

Product Features:

  • All sorters are 15" deep
  • Sorting shelves are 12", 14" or 15" deep. Adjust on 1/2"H increments
  • Preconfigured models available, or build-your-own by specifying empty, 12” deep shelving available in the “build-your-own” format only and adding components
  • The letter “E” designates empty sorters
  • For smoked Plexiglas, add 10% of list and an “S” suffix to standard Plexiglas door sorter
  • Pricing below is for sorters with and without locking doors
  • All preconfigured models are standard with two columns of 11” wide shelves and the remaining columns with 12” wide shelves. You may receive extra shelves with preconfigured sorters.
(No reviews yet) Write a Review