Acrylic Single Sneeze Guard Cubicle Panel Extender 41.5"W x 18"H

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Keep people at a safe physical distance with this affordably priced, quick to ship and install sneeze guard cubicle panel extension. This 41.5”W x 18”H transparent screen creates a barrier between people while allowing them to clearly see and hear one another. Easily attach this panel to walls 2-3.5” thick with brackets and screws. Ships knocked down within 48-hours of ordering.

Product Features
Affordably priced acrylic cubicle panel extender that creates a physical barrier between people to better support wellness initiatives in open-style workspaces.
Transparent to allow for clear visual and voice communication.
41.5”W x 18”H screen attaches to the top of cubicle and other panel walls 2-3.5” thick.
Includes brackets and screws for quick and easy install; Simply slide the brackets open and close and tighten with a screw.
Ships within 48 hours for fast delivery and install.

(No reviews yet) Write a Review